The Trusted Texas Reserve Study Professional.

Lone Star Reserve Studies is the trusted reserve study professional of Texas. Completing nearly two thousand reserve studies for clients interested in being financially prepared, our Reserve Specialists have been producing Reserve Studies in the southwest since 1999 . HOA Boards, professional community managers, real estate professionals and lenders have all trusted our specialist's services for 20 years. 

The Lone Star Reserve Studies report is unique. As one of most informative, clearest and easiest to understand, our report provides a powerful tool for Board members and Managers. We are also one of the most qualified and experienced reserve companies in the southwest.

Your clear and undestandable reserve study by Lone Star Reserve Studies, will enable your Board of Directors to financially plan for your community long term and properly maintain your property values.

Let us prepare your next Reserve Study!





Reserve Studies need to be updated as the reserve savings account goes up and down, funding changes and components are serviced. This is all normal with a reserve review done each year prior to budget season. Reviewing and updating the reserve study annually is necessary to maintain reliability before the next full reserve study in 4 to 5 years.

With this in mind, we include at no charge, a Type III Reserve Study Update With No site-visit, each year, for the three years immiediately after any Full Reserve Study completed by us. We offer this to produce the most accurate and usable tool possible for our clients use to make thier financial plans.